Knowing the Difference Between a Truck Dispatcher and a Freight Broker can Help Save You Money as An Owner Operator in Texas

When you are an owner-operator in Texas, it is up to you to find loads to and from places. You also don’t want to drive one way without a load because it is a waste of your time (and fuel)!

Because of this, many people hire a truck dispatcher or freight broker to help them out. Though they are similar in what they do (help you find work), there are some differences. Here are some of the differences between a truck dispatcher and a freight broker.

A freight broker works with both shippers and drivers. Their job is to match them together, so everyone is happy.

Brokers make money off of this exchange by charging the shippers and then paying the drivers. The more that they charge the shippers and the less they pay you, the more money that they make.

That being said, a freight broker can be a valuable asset when you need to find a load to haul from one place to another (so you don’t have to come home or go somewhere empty). You may also build a relationship with a broker who is able to find most of your loads (and pay you well).

A truck dispatcher is different because he or she works for you to protect your interests. He or she isn’t going to make money by charging more for the load and then paying you. He or she is going to work to find you loads that are going to pay you well!

You will have to sign a contract when working with a truck dispatcher, so it is important that you read the whole thing clearly. You want to find a truck dispatcher that you trust and work well with so that both of you are happy.

It is important to know that many truck dispatchers will work with freight brokers to help fill up loads.

Though many people will use the terms dispatcher and broker interchangeably, they are quite different. While a dispatcher is going to think about your best interests, a broker doesn’t have to. He or she is working to make both you and the shipper happy – which isn’t always easy!

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David Ott

David Ott

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