Commercial Trucks are Being Targeted by Thieves in South Carolina!

In South Carolina, there have been a few truck thefts that should cause you to think about increasing your insurance coverage. Just recently, in Rock Hill, a woman who stole underwear from a Dollar General tried to truckjack an ice cream truck. She fled in the truck but was caught by police.

Also recently, in Port Royal, SC, a naked man truckjacked a fire truck which was parked in an apartment complex. Firefighters were responding to a rescue call at the apartment complex and left the truck unattended. Unfortuantely the man drove fast immediately after the theft, striking a pedestrian and killing him. If that wasn’t enough of a tragedy, the thief then drove through a busy intersection – crashing into seven cars, then drove off the road and crashed the fire truck into some trees. If the government’s own trucks aren’t safe from theft – what about yours? If the fire truck was uninsured, there would be far too many damages that would be left uncompensated to both the civilians and the fire department.

In recent news, a Florida tractor trailer truck which was still holding 36,000 pounds of Crisco oil was stolen in St. Petersburg. It was on the way to a Publix distribution center in Lakeland. Without any commercial truck insurance coverage, this would have been a hefty loss for both the commercial owner operator trucking company, and Publix in the amount of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

J.E.B. Insurance Services, LLC is here to help you prepare for these potential tragedies. We only offer insurance coverage to commercial or owner operator trucks. We are a family-operated business and thus work with you on a personal-basis rather than a business-consumer basis. Our plans are very versatile – flexing to your needs via custom plans that you can create. If you’d like more information, please contact us today!