Commercial Truck Insurance in Texas: Preparing for Spring

In Texas, residents often experience Springtime earlier than residents in the Northern states. When winter passes by, it generally means the weather is preparing to change. In Texas, the Spring can be a very stormy season and it can have a heavy impact on highways and other roadways. Truckers in Texas are already likely aware of the dangers they can face on the roadways during the spring, but they may not be aware of the extra steps they can take to protect their truck.

Texas and the Spring Weather

When the weather gets warmer, the fronts will come in and bring a variety of storms. Severe weather can consist of more than thunderstorms; severe weather can bring in conditions like the following:

  • Heavy and high winds
  • Flooding
  • Tornadoes

Damages and Spring Weather

The combination of thunderstorms and other phenomenons can increase the overall risk of damages and other operational problems in the truck. If a trucker is caught in his/her truck during a storm, the driver and the truck can both be at risk. Here are a few incidents that can occur to a driver and the truck during a storm:

  • Tree limbs, branches, etc. could strike the truck
  • The truck can be damaged by hail
  • A tornado could completely destroy the commercial truck
  • Commercial trucks can be blocked from finishing the route due to flooded roadways 

If a commercial truck is partially damaged or completely damaged during a storm, it could be a significant financial and physical loss. However, having the right commercial or owner operator truck insurance can mean some or all of the damages will be covered. A cargo insurance policy can also provide protection for the cargo you were carrying.

We understand that unexpected weather conditions can occur at any time. You are not able to control the weather that occurs and you are not always able to prevent huge damages to your commercial truck. However, there are things drivers can do to minimize the threat of damages during the stormy season.

Taking preventative measures by having your truck inspected regularly will likely increase its durability throughout each season. Also, properly storing the vehicle and practicing safe driving will give you a better chance to protect your truck and your cargo during a storm. At J.E.B. Insurance Services, LLC, we want to make sure you are equipped with the right type of commercial and owner-operator truck insurance in Texas. Contact us today to speak to one of our representatives.  J.E.B. Insurance Services, LLC is also licensed in Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Nebraska, Illinois, Tennessee, North Carolina & South Carolina for all you insurance needs.

David Ott

David Ott