Commercial Truck Insurance Premiums for 2013

Are you hoping for your commercial truck premium to go down in 2013? So are we at J.E.B. Insurance Services!  Having your commercial truck business placed with a competitive market is our top priority.

Unfortunately, the last few years have not been good from a loss standpoint in the commercial truck insurance industry. Regardless that your policy was paid on time and you had no losses, the insurance rates overall are going up. Poor results from a decade of low pricing have led underwriters saying no more of this and citing their own poor experience. Truck safety issues and results have become a major issue in the past year for commercial truck insurance premiums.


What can you do to assist your commercial truck insurance premium to go down in 2013?  Stay

Up to date on your safety violations, keep your commercial truck equipment in top condition in order to prevent maintenance violations. When it is time to renew your commercial truck insurance policy review the actual cash value/stated value on your units to make sure you are no over-insuring your commercial trucks.


At J.E.B. Insurance Services, LLC, our office procedure and goal is to shop your renewal each and every year to make sure you are getting the most competitive commercial truck insurance however, even though you may have a clean safety record and no maintenance violations, you could possibly still be hit with a rate increase in 2013.


Drive safely and we will do our best to keep you as much money in your pocket for 2013!