Close Deadlines Lead to Long Drives Which May Lead to Truck Accidents!

Running a trucking company has its many stresses. By it’s very nature, you’re always dealing with deadlines – clients want their shipments in by a certain date, which forces you to stress over schedules and drivers. Often, drivers may have to make a cross-country trip in insufficient time – placing tremendous pressure on them. The last thing you want to worry about are lawsuits arising from accidents.

Sometimes, not only can your company be sued for damages arising from a trucking accident, but the state may file criminal charges as well. In recent news, a truck driving on NC 210 swerved only slightly past the center line and collided with an oncoming car, resulting in two deaths. Other cars then collided with the truck from behind, causing five other people to suffer injuries. The North Carolina officer stated that, “’Just one split second of either inattention, or drifting left to center… results in a tragic consequence.’” The driver is being “…charged with misdemeanor death by a motor vehicle and driving left of center.”

According to another news article, “The American Trucking Associations points out that in one of the federal government’s most comprehensive reports on highway safety… trucks were at fault… 44 percent of the time.” This is not a surprise since truck drivers are under so much pressure to meet deadlines that they often are forced to make up time by driving extended hours.

J.E.B. is here to protect your truck drivers and your business from any accidents that may occur!

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