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Buying a Semi Truck

When you are buying semi truck insurance you are also making a business decision. There are numerous of things to consider when you are in the process of buying a semi truck.  All good businesses start out with a realistic business plan showing how your funding will be obtained in the future. You should have some contracts or jobs lined up to insure you will […]

A New Era in the Trucking Industry

The Trucking Industry has constantly changed through the years. Gone are the days where a man takes a test, buys a truck and hops behind the wheel for a long trip across the United States. Trucking in the USA was the American way. People viewed it as an easy way to see the land while getting paid. From the late 1800’s when the government started […]

Truck Insurance

**A few questions you need to ask yourself when purchasing Truck Insurance** 1.Does the insurance agent specialize in truck insurance? 2.Why did the insurance agent only give you one option for your truck insurance? 3. Is the policy a true Trucker’s policy or a Business Auto policy? 4. Are all truck coverage’s with one insurance company? 5.What is the company’s A.M. Best Rating? 6. Does […]