Commercial Rig Insurance Protects Your Big Rig from Theft

Although when you think of rig insurance, you’re usually thinking about protection from potential collisions and a shield from the damages that result from them – rig insurance also covers theft.

Trucks are huge, and only the most brazen of thieves would consider stealing one – but it does happen, surprisingly enough.

Recently in Murfreesboro, “…seven tailgates worth more than $10,000 were…” stolen from Ford Super Duty trucks from its dealership in Murfreesboro, which is in central TN. In fact, just last year, a man from Tennessee stole a big rig. It’s quite the tale – the thief crept into the truck as a stowaway when it was in Tennessee. In CA, the driver momentarily got out of the truck to work the roadside scales – that’s when the thief made his move and drove off with the truck. The thief then crashed the truck on Interstate 15, causing its contents to spill out onto the highway and injuring 7 people.

J.E.B. can insure you from any truck theft!

J.E.B. Insurance Services, LLC is a family-operated insurance provider that only provides commercial rig insurance. We get to know our clients on a one-on-one basis, so you’ll never ever be a stranger to our customer representatives. We cater to your needs, you don’t cater to our business! We offer specialized commercial rig insurance coverage plans that include theft of any of your big rigs. So, if you’re operating your business in a crime-high area, have no fear, JEB is here to cover any of your losses resulting from any theft.

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