Commercial or Owner Operator Truck Insurance Tennessee: Tips for Driving During Tornado Season

Spring is almost upon us, and that means tornado season is also near. You don’t have to drive through America’s tornado alley in order to experience one, as these storms can actually happen anywhere. Here at J.E.B. Insurance Services, we are a leading provider of commercial or owner -operator truck insurance in Tennessee, and would like to offer you these safety tips.

Know the Warning Signs

Knowing what the warning signs of a tornado are will allow you to take action much sooner. Just before a tornado strikes, you may see greenish-colored clouds due to hail inside them. Not all tornadoes are accompanied by hail; however, the presence of hail does make the odds of a tornado much higher. You may also experience heavy rain followed by an intense wind shift. Other warning signs include:

  • Swirling dust or debris
  • Continuous rumble or roar that sounds like a freight train
  • Downed power lines

It is also important to monitor weather conditions to know when and where funnel clouds have been spotted. You should also know the difference between a tornado watch and tornado warning. If a tornado watch is issued, this means conditions are ripe for a tornado, and you should proceed with caution. The issuance of a tornado warning means a funnel cloud has been spotted, and requires immediate action.

Staying Safe

When tornado-like conditions are present, you should begin looking for shelter immediately. The location of shelters is sometimes broadcast on CB radios, so you should talk with other truckers to find one near you. If you’re traveling through Kansas, head to the nearest rest area or toll booth on the Kansas Turnpike. These locations all have tornado shelters for the public to use in such an emergency.

In the event shelter is unavailable, park your truck and get into a ditch or other low-lying area, preferably one without overhead power lines. The last place you want to be during a tornado is inside a vehicle, especially one with eighteen wheels.

By following these tips, your odds of staying safe during a tornado are much greater. To find out more about insurance coverages, contact us.