Commercial or Owner Operator Truck Insurance North Carolina: The Big Business of Log Hauling

Log hauling is big business in North Carolina! At last count, the state had 24 different companies providing this service. Log haulers were among those individuals forming an organization, the Carolina Loggers Association, dedicated to addressing concerns of those involved in the forest products industry, including highway bills, tax reform and healthcare issues.

The size of the log hauling operation in North Carolina should come as no surprise. Timber harvesting is one of the state’s largest industries, with $19 billion dollars being made every year from pine and hardwood timber harvesting. In addition, 60% of North Carolina is timberland.

When one considers the enormous impact timber harvesting and log hauling has on the state’s economy, the right commercial or owner operator truck insurance in North Carolina assumes an even greater importance. Insurance for log haulers should cover many important aspects due to log hauling’s specialized nature, including:

  • Liability Coverage: Including general as well as rig.
  • Collision/Comprehensive: Covering all types of physical damage.
  • Contingent Liability: Covering bobtail insurance.
  • Trailer Interchange: In case of use of other companies’ trailers.
  • Cargo Insurance: Protecting the product.

Since log hauling is such a specialized and sometimes dangerous occupation, log haulers are held to a high standard. Proper training and driver reliability helps keep insurance rates down and ensures the safety of other individuals on the road.

Log haulers in North Carolina do not just support the timber industry. They also enable the numerous industries in North Carolina that depend upon wood products to continue to operate. As such, they are a key part of the employment picture in North Carolina.

With so much depending on them, log haulers need to have the very best in rig insurance products, to protect their rigs, those around them and themselves. For more information on how we can keep your log hauling operation running smoothly, contact us.