Commercial or Owner Operator Truck Insurance North Carolina: Small Things That Have Big Consequences

The successful commercial or owner operator truck driver must stay on top of a lot of things. However, sometimes it’s the small things that escape your attention that cause the biggest problems. Many drivers take them for granted and may not include them on their pre trip inspection list. Here are three of them:

Your Windshield

Your windshield protects you from blowing dust, bugs, pebbles, and of course, the wind. It’s also your window to the road. If you can’t see through it, then you’re driving blind. Good visibility requires keeping the windshield clean of dirt, grime, and dead bugs. Don’t forget to clean its inside surface as well. Cigarette smoke and fumes from the plastics in your cab build up a film on its surface over time. It occurs gradually and you may not be aware of its presence until after you clean it off and notice the difference.

When sunlight is hitting your windshield at an angle, look for glare cause by a pitted outside surface. This is caused by years of getting blasted by grit and sand from the road. Replace your windshield if it’s pitted.

The above problems also increase sun glare and headlight glare at night.

Your Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers with cracked, broken, or old stiff rubber leave water streaks that interfere with your view of the road. Your windshield wipers are used in bad weather, when rain, snow, or ice make driving more dangerous. During these hazardous conditions, you don’t want a compromised view of the road. When your wipers start streaking, make a note to replace them ASAP. Periodically check the rubber for flexibility. Wipers are one of the most important items on your truck. Don’t take them for granted.

Your Headlights and Reflectors

Like your windshield, your headlights can build up a film of grime that affects your ability to see the road at night. Grime blocks light from your headlights and therefore reduces their brightness. Keeping them clean allows you to see the traffic situation. Keeping your other lights and your reflectors clean, allow traffic to see you.

One other thing to remember is keeping your insurance coverage current. If you have questions about commercial or owner operator truck insurance in North Carolina, we are happy to help. Contact us today.