Commercial or Owner Operator Truck Insurance Illinois: Truckers Rally Against the Coming ELD Mandate

Industry experts anticipate that the upcoming ELD mandate will result in negative repercussions for professional drivers. Some claim it will put an unnecessary burden on small trucking companies, and may even increase rather than decrease the number of accidents. While many carriers are grumbling about the new law, two drivers are taking matters into their own hands, hoping to squash the new rule before it ever takes effect.

Scott Reed, an owner-operator based in Ohio has been talking to legislators in Washington, D.C., most notably Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas. His efforts attracted the attention of Jerry Novak, organizer of Brookville, Ohio’s Take Pride truck show. Novak invited Reed to set up a booth at the truck show in order to raise awareness and unite other truckers.

In addition to speaking with legislators, Reed also contacted trucker and songwriter Tony Justice, an outspoken opponent of ELDs. After speaking with Reed, Justice began a public Facebook page titled “ELD or Me”, telling others it is “time to unite.” Since Justice is very well known in trucking circles, his social media effort has largely been successful.

Reed and Justice are also collaborating on a demonstration outside the White House, which is scheduled for October 3-7. Reed says he first concluded that ELDs were probably “here to stay” unless there was direct intervention from either the legislative or executive branch. After speaking with a staffer from the Senate Commerce Subcommittee for Surface Transportation and Merchant Marine Infrastructure, Reed claims he was told there was “too much invested” in e-logs and that they were “not going anywhere.” Reed and Justice are both hoping that a peaceful demonstration might convince the right people to take action and scrap this unpopular law.

Undaunted by efforts to discourage them, these two men are gathering more support every day. If you would like to know more about their grassroots activism you may look them up on Facebook; otherwise, you can contact us if you are in need of insurance.

David Ott

David Ott