Commercial or Owner Operator Truck Insurance Georgia: Four Truck Rollover Scenarios

Most sedans are designed for stability. Their low center of gravity means they can take corners at high speeds without fear of rolling over (although they may skid out of control). Semi-trucks however, are designed to carry freight. This makes them top-heavy and more prone to rollovers. Another complication is that a truck’s freight affects stability. A trailer loaded full of heavy freight is more top-heavy than a partially loaded one. Therefore, the driver must take his trailer load into account when rounding a corner.

Even an experienced commercial or owner operator truck driver who has sound judgment can make rookie mistakes that may cause a rollover when he’s fatigued, distracted, impatient, rushed, or angry. These emotional, mental, or physical states make him vulnerable to these four common truck rollover scenarios:

Off-Ramp Rollovers

Although off-ramps have advisory speed limit signs, these do not necessarily take semi-trucks into account. In fact, this isn’t possible because a semi rig’s stability depends on its trailer load. Therefore these advisory speeds can be too fast. Inexperienced truck drivers can misjudge the ramp curvature and rushed, angry, or distracted drivers may fail to exercise caution.

Traffic Light Rollovers

Commercial or owner operator truck drivers in a rush may take a turn at a traffic light too quickly. This can happen when they are trying to beat a yellow light, turn too quickly, and experience a rollover.

Lane Merge Rollovers

A truck driver prone to aggressive driving may attempt to race with another vehicle to a lane merge, do the merge too quickly and tip his rig over. Feeling rushed or getting angry with a motorist can trigger this mistake.

Limited Visibility Combined with Stalled Traffic

Driving in fog, heavy rain, or rounding the top of a hill or sharp corner may quickly bring the driver upon stalled out traffic. This forces the driver to make a hard swerve that causes a rollover. Fatigue and inattention may also cause the driver to fail to notice traffic slowdowns in time to safely slow down. This again forces the truck driver into a swerve that his rig can’t handle.

Even experienced truck drivers can have bad days. This is why all drivers should carry adequate insurance. If you require affordable commercial or owner operator truck insurance in Georgia, don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions.