Types of Commercial Insurance for Tow Truck Companies in Florida

Acquiring commercial truck insurance in Florida is a crucial component for your tow truck company. Whether you have an existing truck company or you’re planning to set up one, you need to obtain the insurance for various reasons. It’s worth noting that the commercial truck insurance needs vary from one company to another within Florida. Here are the types of insurance you need for your truck company.

Business Owner’s Policy

Acquiring a business owner’s policy for your truck company will help you cover various components of your business. This includes office equipment, trucks, furniture, office supplies and the office building. Also, insurance covers business interruptions. For instance, if you cease operations due to repairs, the commercial truck insurance covers the expenses incurred while operating from a different location.

Liability Insurance Coverage

During transportation, your business may face high losses due to certain happenings. This could stall your business operations, affecting its growth. That’s why liability insurance is a crucial component for your commercial tow truck company. It covers medical payments, excess liabilities, tow truck insurance, on-hook towing coverage, and garage service.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

As a truck company, you need workers’ compensation insurance to cover your employee’s sickness, injuries or death while at work. Truck drivers get exposed to all manner of harsh conditions while performing their duties. In this case, you need to ensure that they get protected against any unforeseen circumstances. The insurance gives your employees peace of mind, knowing that their medical treatment is taken care of.

Acquire a Commercial Truck Insurance and Save Your Business

No doubt that commercial truck insurance is a crucial component for your tow truck business. When planning to get one, you need to identify a professional truck insurance company to help you secure the best insurance. For more detailed information on commercial truck insurance, get in touch with us today for professional advice and get started.

David Ott

David Ott