Commercial or Owner Operator Cargo Insurance in Texas

In the long-haul trucking business, damages to cargo and theft of cargo are some of the things that have, unfortunately, become common. Trailers that are enclosed can carry a variety of cargo. The value of cargo that can be transported in enclosed trailers can range from the hundreds into the thousands. When cargo damage or theft occurs for any type of business, the ending result can be devastating, especially for small commercial businesses and owner-operators.

Damage to cargo can occur in a variety of ways, including when cargo has not been properly secured in the trailer. If the cargo has not been properly secured, it will make it easier for the cargo to slide and shift across the entire trailer. Not only can your cargo be damaged or lost if it is not properly secured, but it can also cause an imbalance when it comes to the weight that is being carried in the trailer.

As cargo begins to shift across the trailer, there is a chance that cargo can begin hitting the enclosed trailer door. As more cargo begins hitting the door, it can cause the trailer door to open and cargo falling out of the door. If cargo begins to move and one side of the trailer is now heavier than the other, this could result in the driver losing control of the truck.

Thieves who understand cargo and enclosed trailers are aware that the trucks and trailers that are carrying the cargo can carry goods that are worth hundreds and thousands of dollars. They will also be aware of the lack of security that may exist on or around the trailers. Unfortunately, many thieves can enter the enclosed trailer by breaking a lock.

The ability for thieves to steal cargo and the chances that cargo can be damaged while en route are two important reasons to invest in the proper cargo liability insurance. If you want to ensure your commercial or owner operator trucking business will be protected in the event of theft, cargo damage, or anything else that will result in a loss, please do not hesitate to contact us today to ask about cargo insurance. We also provide commercial truck insurance in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Illinois, Iowa & Nebraska

David Ott

David Ott