Combined Deductible

What happens when you get into an accident and you are at fault? One of your worst fears come true and you jackknife the truck and your cargo is all over the road. Most likely your heart starts beating a bit fast and the panic begins to set in for the short term.  You see that your tractor and trailer are both damaged and you immediately think you need to call your truck insurance agent to report the claim. A few days go by and you are told you have to pay your deductibles for your physical damage and cargo losses. The average trucker has $1,000 deductible. At that moment you are told you owe $3,000 since your tractor, trailer and cargo has been involved in the accident and damaged.  Paying three deductibles versus one will definitely hurt your bottom line financially. Don’t let this happen to you! When shopping for truck insurance remember bottom line price will not help you when an accident happens. Ask your insurance agent for options with combined deductible. The extra cost might just be worth it in the long run. J.E.B. Insurance Services, LLC represent several A rated companies that offer combined deductible and several other beneficial coverages.