Do You Have Insurance For Your Drive Home? If You’re Not Sure, Check Your Bobtail Liability Policy

Insurance coverage gets complicated in the trucking world. Different business relationships in different contexts mean the carrier you contract with is liable for damages at certain parts of the route, while you might be responsible for other parts of the journey. This is especially true for owner-operators once the job is complete, and this is when bobtail insurance steps in.

What is bobtail liability insurance, and when does it come into effect?

Bobtail insurance is the coverage owner operators need for the interval between jobs. While carriers provide some liability coverage while you are transporting a load to its destination, that coverage typically ends once the drop-off is complete. While you’re using your truck for mobility only — that is, to drive yourself home — you need your own liability coverage. Bobtail liability is the portion of your business auto policy that covers you during periods of non-trucking use, and the majority of carriers require owner-operators to have it.

However, it’s not always clear when bobtail insurance covers damages instead of your carrier’s plan. Some courts consider the journey home after a drop-off to be under dispatch because the return trip was dictated by the completed job. In these circumstances, it’s important to have a reliable insurance company at your back who can you work through the insurance conflict and keep your business moving.

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David Ott

David Ott