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Owner Operators: Why You Need Non-Trucking Liability Insurance

When owner operator truck drivers work for motor carriers as independent contractors, the carrier provides the liability and cargo insurance coverage. However, once you have completed your service to the carrier, you are no longer operating under their direction or getting paid for your services. In other words, you are no longer under dispatch. This often happens after dropping off a loaded trailer and you are […]

Three Tornado Myths Best Ignored by Owners or Commercial Truckers

Most tornado’s strike from March through June and occur in the late afternoon. However, they’ve been known to occur during every month of the year and during any hour of the day, including night. This means the commercial or owner operator truck driver shouldn’t let his guard down in the mornings, evenings, or later in the summer. If a big thunderstorm can hit, so can […]

Three Reasons Commercial or Owner Operator Truckers Have Night Vision Problems

The commercial or owner operator truck driver’s occupation can take its toll on night vision. Long hours on the road over the years expose the trucker to harsh lighting, a poor diet, and lack of exercise. On top of these are the inevitable effects of getting older. Over time, all of these factors diminish your ability to see at night. If you are starting to […]

The Attractions of Being a Truck Driver

There are many truck drivers out there who like their work, are good at what they do, and have few regrets about their profession. Of course, there are others who quickly discover that the truck driving life is not for them. The difference between the two is that those who love their work are drawn more strongly to the attractions of their career than repelled or […]

Florida Rig Insurance: When Big Rigs Are Invisible to Traffic

Motorcycles have a visibility problem because they’re small and have a narrow profile. Because of this, defensive motorcyclists ride as though they’re invisible to other traffic. By contrast, tractor-trailer rigs are among the largest vehicles on the road. Some of their drivers assume that everyone sees them and drive accordingly. That is, they count on other traffic to brake for them. While not all commercial […]

Prevent Cargo Theft and Florida Rig Insurance Claims with a Layered Defense Strategy

Compared to many crimes, cargo theft from a commercial truck can be very lucrative and involve less effort and risk of getting caught. That’s why cargo theft costs the U.S. billions of dollars annually. It has a devastating effect on the businesses that depend on timely shipments. Theft of a high-end cargo load for example, may cause lost sales and customers at the retail stores that depend on […]

Rig Insurance Florida: Improve Your Health by Making Three Small Changes

The commercial or owner operator truck driver’s job is both stressful and sedentary. Add unhealthy food to this, and you’ve got the formula for high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease. Unlike a stressed out office worker who can hit the gym at the end of the day, the truck driver has just enough time to eat and hit the sack in his sleeper at […]

Rig Insurance Florida: Signs Your Road Diet Is Giving You a Nutrient Deficiency

Weeks of eating truck stop food isn’t good for your health. In addition to excessive sugar, fats, and salt, the food can cause a nutrient deficiency. If you tend to favor a single dish repeatedly, or limit yourself to unhealthy side dishes such as fries or deserts, you may not get all your essential vitamins and minerals. This can also happen if you buy a […]

Family Emergencies and Rig Insurance are Bound in South Carolina

As an owner operator from South Carolina, it feels real good driving your rig on a clear road making easy miles to your next destination. Not every mile is that easy and not every day in your life is that easy. Sometimes there are delays and emergencies. You have Rig Insurance and all seems well. The family emergency is always the most emergent and the most remembered. We put sudden events like these […]

Customized Rig Insurance is Always the "Kick Around Topic" at the Truck Stops in South Carolina

As an owner operator your customized rig evokes much friendly small talk at the truck stops in South Carolina. And you enjoy it, because you work hard, have pride and are a professional. All of those driving in cars for a vacation enjoy the splendid presentation of an interesting and clean rig as they travel the interstate as an infrequent yearly adventure. They also realize that your […]

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