Owner Operator Insurance

Owner Operators in Illinois: Commonly Missed Expenses You Can Deduct For Taxes

  Your paperwork is extremely important when you are an owner-operator in Illinois. You need to keep up with it, so you don’t have a mess when it comes time to do your taxes. You need to keep all of your receipts and other records to make sure that you can keep as much of your hard-earned money. While you may remember to keep your […]

Owner Operators in Nebraska: Expenses You Can Deduct For Taxes

When you decide to become an owner-operator in Nebrask, it is important that you work on your bookkeeping regularly. This will help you when taxes roll around. You won’t have to panic because you already have your paperwork in order. So, what are some expenses that you can deduct on your taxes? Here are some expenses that you need to keep records on. Start-upcosts. Not […]

More Tips to Get Started as an Owner Operator or Commercial Truck Driver in Texas

Many owner operator or commercial truck drivers in Texas dream of being their own boss. They may dream of their perfect truck and trailer, along with the freedom to choose the routes that they want. They may decide that they want to drive all over the United States, while others prefer to come home every night. However, it isn’t always easy to be an owner-operator […]

Tips to get started as an Owner Operator or Commercial Truck Driver in Iowa

Whether you have been driving for a while or you want to jump right in, you may be thinking about buying your own truck and trailer. Being an owner operator or commercial truck driver in Iowa can give you a lot of freedom. You can pick and choose the jobs that you want. You can stick close to home or drive cross country if you […]

Commercial or Owner Operator Truck Insurance In Illinois

We understand that running your own trucking company or logistics company is not going to be the easiest thing you have ever done. Many times, there will be a variety of hurdles and challenges that you will run into as you make your way through the entire process. As an insurance company that understands trucking, we have had many conversations from owners who think they […]

Commercial or Owner Operator Truck Insurance Coverage In Iowa

If you make the decision to lease onto a motor carrier in Iowa, you will find that all of your trucking insurance needs will be determined by the terms of your lease. Most times, you will be provided with primary liability insurance. What does primary liability insurance cover? This insurance will cover any injuries that someone else may have incurred or any damages that occurred […]

Mistakes Owner Operators Make

Though owning your own truck (and trailer) can be a great business, you have to be careful or you could end up putting all of your hard-earned money back into your business. Many owner-operators don’t think ahead. Here are some common mistakes that owner-operators make. Choosing a truck based on the make or color. Too many owner-operators don’t put enough thought into the truck that […]

Where Can You Buy a Commercial Truck

It can be hard to find a used truck for your commercial driving business. Other than going to the dealership, many people don’t even know where to start. Here are some places that you should look for your next truck. Reputable dealers are often your best bet. Though many worry that dealerships charge too much for their used trucks, the truth is that they are […]

Tips for Owner Operators

Many people dream about owning their own trucking business. They can pick what they want to haul and where they want to go. They can do short trips or, if they prefer, long ones. However, it is not the easiest way to make a living (especially when you are first starting out). Here are some tips for owner-operators. Make sure that you have plenty of […]

Commercial Truck Drivers: More Tips to Stay Safe on Long Truck Drives

Commercial or Owner Operator Truck Insurance Nebraska: Many commercial truck drivers work long hours. In fact, they spend days and weeks behind the wheel before they are able to go home and relax. Spending so much time driving can catch up to you. There are times when you won’t drive as safely as you normally do. Here are some more tips to help you stay […]

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