Commercial Truck Insurance

Fleet Truck Insurance: Why The Lowest Price Isn’t Always the Best

If you own a fleet of trucks, you are going to have plenty of expenses. First, you actually have to buy the vehicles. Then, you have to worry about fuel and maintenance, which can be quite costly. However, you can’t forget about the insurance. This can be the biggest expense that you may have with your fleet. That being said, many people shop around until […]

How to Keep Your Employees Safe from Injury While Loading and Unloading

The dangers of being a semi-truck driver aren’t restricted to the road. If your driver is also responsible for getting the cargo in and out of the truck, or even just preparing the truck for unloading, then their risk of injury is high. A trend of injuries can make your company’s coverage policies skyrocket, so make sure you: 1. Equip every truck with the tools […]

3 Tips for Staying Safe on the Last Mile This Summer

‘Last mile shipping’ is a crucial talking point for distribution business and e-commerce centers. While giants like Amazon and major shipping companies have largely figured out how to speed up their general shipping routes, it’s the last mile or two that are tripping up efficiency. But when you’re in the driver’s seat, that last mile is more than a logistic crunch point. It’s where local […]

Autonomous Platooning: Is It Safer to Be an Early Adopter or to Wait?

Self-driving semi trucks are a hotly debated topic. One of the key considerations, if not the primary focus of debate, is the profitability. Autonomous trucks are expensive and they have a lot of room for improvement. But they will soon require less and less human oversight. Human drivers are expensive: not only do they require wages and health insurance, they can make costly mistakes after […]

What Does the Denham Amendment Mean for Your Truckers?

When the House passed the Denham amendment in April 2018 as they reauthorized the FAA for five years, they emphasized the importance of federal regulations over the state when it comes to truckers. Many states, like California, either require or allow for paid breaks every four to five hours of drive time. These more frequent breaks were monitored by ELDs. The federal regulations that the […]

Lighter, Faster, Better, But Be Careful: Light Flatbeds Increase the Need for Safety Training

Weight has always been a problem in the trucking world. The heaviness of a load is just as much of a constraint as the size, and many times it’s the primary consideration. There are numerous regulations about the overall weight of a truck and even just the weight of the trailer and load. Cities might restrict access for overweight trucks and only grant a small […]

Change Your Maintenance & Monitoring Policies for Safer Automation

The recent Tempe accident involving a self-driving car and a pedestrian was described by police as unavoidable, and that’s true in more ways than one. Not only did the specific circumstances of this incident make the collision hard to think around, a fatality caused by a self-driving car was always inevitable. While the accident is not going to dramatically slow the evolution or adoption of […]

Operation Safe Driver Week Is Just Around the Corner: July 15-21, 2018

Dangerous driving is the root cause for most of the dangers out on the roads. Even with poor visibility, aging infrastructure, and unclear GPS routes, the number one cause of vehicle crashes is driver behavior. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s “Large Truck Crash Causation Study,” the FMCSA found that 88% of truck crashes and 93% of passenger car crashes are due to […]

Don’t Ignore Cosmetic Damage, Even During the Busy Season

Some truck repairs can’t be put off. But when key vehicles and equipment are pulled off the roster of available vehicles, that can hurt your company’s bottom line and responsiveness to requests. Many companies have a sliding scale of which repairs need to be addressed immediately and which can be put off a little bit longer. That list gets even riskier during the peak seasons […]

5 Tips for Preventative Truck Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance checks are crucial for keeping yourself safe when driving your truck. All the tricks and technologies in the world won’t help if your truck isn’t working properly. Here are a few preventative maintenance tips for keeping your truck working properly. Have a Regular Maintenance Schedule You should have a regular maintenance schedule. Check your truck on a regular basis, whether it is once […]

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