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Commercial Vehicle International RoadCheck June 4-6, 2019

Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance has announced that the International Road Check is scheduled for June 4-6 2019. During the event, commercial motor vehicle inspectors will be examining commercial vehicles and drivers throughout North America. This year inspectors are going to focus on steering and suspension systems. Why You Need to Be Prepared Last year one in five (21.6 percent) of commercial motor vehicles that underwent […]

More Tips for your First Year of commercial Trucking

For many, a commercial truck driver is an ideal job. That being said, it is important to realize that it is very different than most jobs, especially if you do long-distance trucking. Many commercial truck drivers are away from home for weeks at a time before they get to come home. Because of this, the job is not for everyone. However, there are some driving […]

Tips for your First Year of Commercial Trucking

Becoming a commercial truck driver can be a great choice. However, it is a completely different lifestyle than most people live, especially if you do long-distance commercial trucking. You could spend weeks on the road before you get to go back home, so it is not for everyone. That being said, there are many jobs where you can be home with your family every night. […]

3 Spring Cleaning Tasks That Can Help Your Commercial Trucking Insurance in Nebraska, Iowa & Illinois

April is well underway, and it’s time for spring cleaning. Start adding these three tasks into your schedule to make sure your commercial trucking company has a smooth transition into the summer months. 1. Clean off the winter chemicals. Winter isn’t just hard on your drivers. It’s hard on the commercial trucks and trailers, too. Hundreds of miles of driving over industrial salts and snowmelt […]

How to Make Teen Truckers a Safer Option for Your Commercial Trucking Company in Texas.

The driver shortage isn’t new, and few of the initiatives to encourage more drivers have worked. But at the end of February, legislators reintroduced the DRIVE-Safe Act to allow CDL holders between 18 and 21 years old to drive interstate routes. This proposed apprenticeship program is designed to both train younger drivers in safe driving practices and ease the strain of the shortage. But younger […]

Commercial Truck Drivers in Iowa: Reasons to Stick Close to Home

Many commercial truckers get into the field so that they can travel the country and see the sights. However, that is not your only option. You could drive locally and come home every night. Here are some reasons why you would want to stick close to home as a truck driver. See your family every night. One of the hardest parts of driving a truck […]

More Tips to Get Started as an Owner Operator or Commercial Truck Driver in Texas

Many owner operator or commercial truck drivers in Texas dream of being their own boss. They may dream of their perfect truck and trailer, along with the freedom to choose the routes that they want. They may decide that they want to drive all over the United States, while others prefer to come home every night. However, it isn’t always easy to be an owner-operator […]

Tips to get started as an Owner Operator or Commercial Truck Driver in Iowa

Whether you have been driving for a while or you want to jump right in, you may be thinking about buying your own truck and trailer. Being an owner operator or commercial truck driver in Iowa can give you a lot of freedom. You can pick and choose the jobs that you want. You can stick close to home or drive cross country if you […]

More Benefits of Becoming a Commercial Truck Driver in Florida

There are many commercials and information about starting a new career as a commercial truck driver in Florida. Though many people don’t even want to think about this career, the truth is that it can be a great way to make a living. Here are some more benefits of becoming a Commercial truck driver in Florida. Great benefits. Many companies, in order to stay competitive, […]

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