Commercial Truck Insurance

Protect Your Goods With Cargo Insurance

Transporting any kind of goods across the globe will always come with risks. If you have ever shipped anything internationally, you are well aware of how many things can go wrong when goods are being transported. This is where cargo insurance and commercial truck insurance will make their grand entrance. Protection Against A Loss You will not always be able to provide protection for your […]

Texas Commercial Truck Drivers: What Should You Do If You Caused an Accident?

As a commercial truck driver in Texas, who spends hours on the road every day, the truth is that it isn’t if you get involved in an accident. It is when you get in an accident. It shouldn’t happen often but, chances are, you are going to be involved in at least one or two accidents (if not more) during your driving career. It is […]

Tips to Get Started with a Truck Dispatcher

It can be challenging to get started as an owner-operator, especially if you are used to driving for someone else. You are used to being told when you need to leave and where you need to go. You aren’t in charge of finding loads to and from a location. You also aren’t going to be used to all of the paperwork. Because of this, many […]

What Can Commercial Truck Dispatchers Do For You?

When people think about truck dispatchers, they often think about people who help to arrange loads for owner-operators. Instead of driving back (or there) empty, they can help you find loads all over the country so that you aren’t wasting your time (or your fuel). However, they can do much more than that for your business. Here are some other things that truck dispatchers can […]

Understanding Truck Inspections Can Help You Save Money on Commercial Truck Insurance

Everyday commercial truck drivers are faced with the dreadful truck inspections. Not only do they delay you from getting to your destination they have the potential of being very costly for your business. Understanding truck Inspections can help you save money on your commercial truck insurance policy. Recently, Progressive Insurance reached out to the Ohio State Highway Patrol to observe a mock inspection. They captured details […]

More Tips to Help Stay Focused While Driving a Commercial Truck in Nebraska

Many commercial truck drivers complain about the monotony of driving. They spend their days going from one highway to another, where the scenery may look the same for hours! Because of this, some drivers get tired easily and struggle to stay focused. However, if you are careful, you can keep your eyes on the road and stay focused on driving. Here are some more tips […]

Not Staying Focused While Driving a Commercial Truck in Nebraska can Impact your Commercial Truck Insurance

Driving a big commercial truck can become monotonous, especially when you go from one highway to another. There isn’t always a change in scenery to keep your attention. Because of this, some drivers get tired easily and struggle to stay focused. However, if you are careful, you can keep your eyes on the road and stay focused on driving. Here are some tips to help. […]

Why Your Company Should Be Cautious About the Upcoming (and Unknown) HOS Changes

The semi-truck industry has been on a roller coaster of regulatory changes, and the ride’s not over yet. This June, the U.S. Department of Transportation will release some changes to the current Hours of Service regulations. These changes are being touted as more flexible, but the specifics aren’t clear. Some of the changes are likely to touch on: Increasing short-haul exemptions to fourteen hours of […]

More Healthy Snacks for the Road as a Owner Operator in Nebraska

Staying healthy as a commercial truck driver isn’t always easy. Many spend days on the road without going home. They often eat at truck stops, which isn’t always a healthy option. However, there are ways to eat healthier while you are driving. Here are some more healthy snacks for the road. Nuts and seeds. Nuts and seeds can be a great snack for the road. […]

More Tips to Stay Healthy while on the Road as a Commercial Truck Driver in Texas

The common perception is that commercial truck drivers are overweight men. That is easy enough to do when you are on the road and stuck in your commercial truck for days at a time. It is hard to eat healthily and exercise when you live out of your big rig. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some more tips to stay […]

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