Commercial Truck Insurance

Avoid The Obstacles In The Trucking Industry: Insure Your Company

Trucking involves the transporting of various goods and materials for varying distance lengths. According to the American Trucking Trends 2018 Report, trucking industry revenues surpassed $700 billion in 2017. In 2016, the trucking industry saw over $670 billion in revenue. According to this report, trucks were responsible for moving over 10 billion tons of freight. Typically, the trucking industry is a reflection of the current […]

Commercial or Owner Operator Truck Insurance For New North Carolina Truckers

We understand the limitless opportunities that a career as a commercial truck driver can bring. In the current state of the industry, there continues to be a high demand for commercial truck drivers. There are several trucking companies that offer considerable sign-on bonuses and other benefits. However, there are many things to consider as you start your journey as a new commercial truck driver. There […]

How to Be a Successful Commercial Truck Driver in Georgia

How to Be a Successful Commercial Truck Driver Being a successful commercial truck driver goes beyond holding a steering wheel. You should be determined and hardworking. Every  commercial truck driver’s dreams to be successful. To achieve this, you can improve your commercial truck business by practicing the tips below. Be Familiar With the Industry Familiarize yourself with the current happening in the industry and set […]

How Commercial Truck Drivers Can Stay Healthy While Driving

How Commercial Truck Drivers Can Stay Healthy While Driving Truck drivers need to follow a lifestyle change to stay fit. Health and fitness should be their concern. It’s challenging to maintain a healthy lifestyle for some due to the lack of resources that is available in other professions. Fortunately, truck drivers can live healthily using the following tips. Eat Breakfast Every Day Commercial truck drivers […]

Iowa Semi Truck & Insurance News: Iowa Wins $33.4 Million For Bridges

Iowa Semi Truck & Insurance News: Iowa Wins $33.4 Million Federal Grant For Bridges Iowa semi truck insurance provider J.E.B. Insurance is thrilled to announce that Iowa will be able to repair more than 70 questionable bridges with a grant of more than $33 million USD. Poor Bridges in Iowa The Des Moines Register reports that as of September, 2019, 71 bridges currently sit in […]

Searching For Commercial or Owner Operator Truck Insurance In South Carolina

It does not matter the type of business or industry and it does not matter what the state of the economy is at the moment, there will be high times and low times for everyone. With all the advances we have in technology and with devices being more effective and efficient than they have been in the past, it is no surprise that many industries […]

Tips for Acquiring Commercial Truck Insurance

Tips for Acquiring Commercial Truck Insurance   Finding the best coverage for your business is crucial. Choosing suitable commercial truck insurance that fulfills your needs is a complex process that requires analyzing before settling on an insurance company. For a business owner with commercial trucks, your fleet’s protection is the number one priority if you want to avoid putting your business at risk. Commercial truck […]

Protect Your Cargo With Commercial or Owner Operator Truck Insurance

Truckers constantly find themselves facing a variety of threats and other challenges on the road, and one of those threats is cargo theft. While the numbers may be trucking, there is always a threat for commercial drivers due to the increase in e-commerce. Commercial truck drivers will find a rest stop for their truck, take some time to recharge their bodies and their minds, and […]

Are You Too Old To Get Commercial Truck Insurance in Iowa??

There has been a great need for more drivers of commercial truck drivers than ever before. As such, many older drivers in Iowa, some well past their retirement years are entering into commercial truck driving. However, as they seek commercial truck insurance in Iowa, their age may cause them to really think about hitting the road. Therefore here are a few reasons why your age […]

North Carolina Truck Insurance News: CDL Requirements Changing in 2020

North Carolina Truck & Insurance News: New 2020 CDL Training Requirements The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has announced they will be moving forward with major changes to CDL requirements on a nationwide level. New licensing regs will come into effect February, 2020. The staff at North Carolina commercial truck insurance provider JEB Insurance LLC wants commercial drivers and freight companies to be aware of these changes. […]

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