Tow Truck Insurance

Three Ways to Reduce Your Tow Truck Insurance Policy Rates

Towing stranded cars off busy highways with speeding cars just feet away is a risky business. Expensive property such as the towing vehicle and its equipment as well as the car being towed are at risk. This is just one of several reasons why tow truck insurance can be expensive. These risks are why some insurance companies are getting out of the towing industry altogether. […]

How Insurance Companies Look at The Risks of Tow Trucks

It’s getting harder and harder to find good tow truck insurance. Not only are trucking companies in general facing a limited number of options, many insurance companies balk at the increased number of claims and suits by third parties whose cars have been towed. If you are struggling to find tow truck insurance for your company or you’re looking for a better provider, here are […]

Five More Months Until Proposed Deadline of Mandated Login for All Drivers

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration released a federal mandate requiring all truck drivers to electronically document driving hours, but so far the administration has not released a plan on that requirement will be monitored. There are fewer than five months until the deadline for all truckers to switch from paper to electronics, and the mandate is supposed to go into effect and be enforced […]

Texas Commercial or Owner Operator Truck Insurance: Uninsured and Underinsured Motorists

You are a hard-working tow truck, commercial or owner operator truck driver with insurance and an excellent driving record in Texas. However, even professionals such as yourself get into accidents, often the fault of another motorist. Defensive driving skills will only help so much because you can’t control what other drivers do. In addition, many motorists on the road are either uninsured or underinsured. An […]

Commercial or Owner Operator Truck Insurance Texas: Does Your Situation Require Insurance?

Unfortunately, there are too many traffic accidents happening every day in the United States. The liability of the auto accident can have a major impact on the bottom line of your company. How will you know if your company needs to purchase commercial or owner operator tow truck insurance in Texas? Will you be covered if you just use a personal liability policy? Companies typically need […]

Texas Commercial Owner Operator Or Truck Insurance: Do You Need Coverage?

Just in case you have not figured this out during your search for Texas tow truck, commercial, or owner operator truck insurance, the insurance options for truckers is highly complex and often frustrating. However, if you break it down, things may be a little easier for you. Some drivers need different coverage, and this will be based on the type of company you have or work […]

If You Plan To Drive Your Commercial Truck, You Will Need Truck Insurance In North Carolina

There are various types of commercial trucks, including the following: Tractor trailers Straight trucks Dump trucks Tow trucks When you have commercial truck insurance in North Carolina, it will cover all of these. It does not matter if you are owner operator with one truck or if you are a company with a fleet of trucks that need to be insured, you can purchase this type […]

Rig Insurance Florida: Do Tow Truck Operators Need Different Insurance?

Do tow truck drivers need different insurance than standard rig insurance in Florida? The answer is yes and no.  Tow truck owner operators need the same rig insurance as other owner operators in Florida. However, there are additional types of insurance that tow truck operators require. Tow truck owner operators must have liability insurance, in case there is an accident where the tow truck driver is […]

Florida Commercial Truck, Tow Truck, and Owner Operator Insurance Coverage

Who do you think would be best informed about commercial truck or owner operator insurance that is required in Florida? The best answer to that question is to go right to the source, relying on a Florida based insurance service that is experienced and knowledgeable to help Florida owner operators as well as several other states. So what exactly is different about Florida commercial truck […]

Why You Should Get More Comprehensive Tow Truck and Rig Insurance Coverage

If you’re a company that uses trucks and big rigs regularly, then you should definitely consider getting more than just the required tow truck and rig insurance coverage. Accidents involving trucks usually amount to higher damages that must be paid to the others involved in the accident – even if your driven isn’t at fault. A startling example can be found in recent news where […]

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