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Illinois Tow Truck Insurance News: “Scott’s Law” Enhanced

Illinois Tow Truck Insurance News: “Scott’s Law” Enhanced Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker signed into law three new enhancements to “Scott’s Law” aka the “Move Over Law” on July 30, 2019 in Rockford, IL. The law requires all drivers, including commercial big rigs, to move over to the left lane when passing emergency vehicles on the highway. If a driver cannot move over, they are required […]

Operations Made Easy with Great Tow Truck Insurance

Tow truck insurance offers protection to your business against the risks of damages and injuries. Every vehicle needs a cover plan that makes it easy to work and saves money for the business. The company assets are every truck, and the driver, therefore, insurance cover, is a great return on investment. Tow Truck Insurance Coverage Tow truck companies should get to know of insurance products […]

What To Look For In Tow Truck Insurance In Florida

When you’re driving a tow truck in Florida, a lot can happen. You may get into an accident, cause damage to a vehicle that you’re towing, or run into a number of other scenarios. Having tow truck insurance that you can count on is critical. There are a number of things to consider. Coverage Levels Coverage levels can vary when you drive a tow truck. […]

High-Impact Safety Habits for Low Tow Truck Insurance Rates

Tow truck insurance doesn’t have to be expensive. Out of all the factors that impact rates, safety may be the easiest to control. If you want to save money, it’s imperative to take active measures to prevent accidents. By taking care of your truck and your body, you’ll be able to operate safely while minimizing the risk of a claim. Stay Hydrated to Reduce Tow […]

3 Questions to Ask Before Getting Tow Truck Insurance

Acquiring insurance for your business, vehicle, or any other piece of property you own can seem like a daunting and confusing task. But the process can be made simpler when you are armed with the right information. If you are in the process of purchasing insurance for your tow trucks, take the time to ask yourself (and an insurance agent) these three questions: What Sort […]

3 Geographic Factors That Influence Your Tow Truck Insurance Premiums

Tow Truck Insurance Every business needs coverage, and the towing business is certainly no exception. Since your company can face claims and lawsuits from all sides, it’s important to stay covered. Everyone from the party claiming ownership of the vehicle you towed to someone you drove past might claim injury. The increased risks can impact your insurance premiums. So can geographic factors that influence those […]

Tow Truck Insurance Market Will Remain Tight

Tow truck drivers operate in one of the most dangerous environments in the civilian world. They face accidents every day, often in some of the worst weather conditions. International Towing and Recovery Museum in Chattanooga, Tennessee claims that 50-100 tow truck drivers die on the job every year in the US. In April 2018, a tow truck driver in Virginia was almost killed when the vehicle he […]

3 Company Policy Precautions That Can Lower Your Tow Truck’s Insurance

If you want your drivers to operate with a greater focus on safety, you need to make the issue a matter of company policy. Here are three changes that can reduce your drivers’ accidents and risks: 1. Train your drivers how to inspect the equipment. Most companies specialize, even internally. As towing companies get larger, they’re subject to the same phenomena and that can be […]

Who Can Make a Claim Against Your Tow Trucking Business?

Driving a tow truck is different from operating a semi-truck, but many of the risks are the same. Not only do you face the same risks that come with driving an oversized vehicle, you handle other people’s property on public roads. Make sure you have the right tow trucking coverage to address liability claims from these parties: The owner of the towed vehicle. If you […]

What to Include in Your Tow Truck Insurance Policy

Operating a tow truck can be a great business as it is something that will always be in demand. If you do operate a tow truck, having adequate insurance is extremely important and is required by law. When you are looking to build a tow truck insurance policy, there are several factors that should be taken into consideration to ensure you are properly covered and […]

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