Physical Damage Insurance

What Does Physical Damage Insurance Include?

Even though insurance is usually broken down into different types such as ‘home insurance,’ ‘car insurance,’ or even ‘health insurance,’ each plan really incorporates multiple different areas of coverage, especially when it comes to business. While this can help you have an insurance plan that is specifically tailored to your trucking business and takes into account your insurance needs, it also means it can be […]

Treat Every Day Like Brake Safety Day to Keep Your Insurance Rates Low

Safety violations can have long-term ramifications on both your CDL and your trucking insurance. Pre-inspections before each trip can help you catch lost reflector tape, broken lights, and worn tires before inspectors do. It can also help you monitor changes in your braking systems, which is the key area of focus for the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s Operation Airbrake Program. On September 7, 2017, the […]

How the South Carolina Trucker Shortage Can Help Your Insurance Coverage

South Carolina has been facing a trucker shortage for the past five years, and even across the nation the trucking industry was approximately fifty thousand drivers short. This means states like South Carolina and Ohio are offering more and more incentives for new drivers, such as tuition reimbursement for CDL courses, trucking routes that let drivers return home each day, and financial incentives for entry-level […]

Five More Months Until Proposed Deadline of Mandated Login for All Drivers

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration released a federal mandate requiring all truck drivers to electronically document driving hours, but so far the administration has not released a plan on that requirement will be monitored. There are fewer than five months until the deadline for all truckers to switch from paper to electronics, and the mandate is supposed to go into effect and be enforced […]

Three Tornado Myths Best Ignored by Owners or Commercial Truckers

Most tornado’s strike from March through June and occur in the late afternoon. However, they’ve been known to occur during every month of the year and during any hour of the day, including night. This means the commercial or owner operator truck driver shouldn’t let his guard down in the mornings, evenings, or later in the summer. If a big thunderstorm can hit, so can […]

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