Commercial Truck Insurance

A New Era in the Trucking Industry

The Trucking Industry has constantly changed through the years. Gone are the days where a man takes a test, buys a truck and hops behind the wheel for a long trip across the United States. Trucking in the USA was the American way. People viewed it as an easy way to see the land while getting paid. From the late 1800’s when the government started […]

Truck Insurance

**A few questions you need to ask yourself when purchasing Truck Insurance** 1.Does the insurance agent specialize in truck insurance? 2.Why did the insurance agent only give you one option for your truck insurance? 3. Is the policy a true Trucker’s policy or a Business Auto policy? 4. Are all truck coverage’s with one insurance company? 5.What is the company’s A.M. Best Rating? 6. Does […]

Auto Medical Payments

A Great Article by David Thompson  When I think of “med-pay” coverage I immediately think of the small amount of money spent to make life easier, and often compare the cost to what I might spend for lunch at the nearest Sonny’s BBQ restaurant. For about $6.00 I can get a good lunch and leave the server a 20% tip. That $6.00 is about what […]

Ideas for your Trucker DOWN time

The average long-haul truck driver has some down time when they are at the dock waiting for a shipment to be unloaded or at a stop while on the way to the next destination. Down time comes a various times during the day or late in the evening. Here are five ways that commercial truckers can pass the time: Nap – The average amount of […]

Department of Transportation

The United States Department of Transportation website has unlimited amount of knowledge for the interstate trucker.  The website allows you to have all the rules and regulations at your fingertips while you are busy on the road.  Some information you can find on their website are: Hours of Service and Log Books, Drug and Alcohol Questions, Obtaining your DOT number when starting your business and […]

Getting the BEST Commercial Truck Insurance Rate

Here at J.E.B. Insurance Services, LLC we get asked frequently by our current and future customers how they can save money on their commercial truck insurance policies. Here are a few tips on how to start saving money today. Equipment – less than 10 years is ideal. Drivers – CDL for a minimum of 3 years is ideal. Drivers- CDL in the State the unit is garaged is ideal. […]

Your NEXT Insurance Agent

Insurance agents offer a very personal and important service. They serve as advisors and consultants. Their job is to recommend products and services that help you protect your business for the future. A good agent never uses a cookie-cutter approach; they look individually at their clients. They listen first, and then offer solutions. They never try to sell a product or service; they instead only […]

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