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Pros and Cons of Flatbed Trucking

When you drive a flatbed trailer, you are going to be hauling things that won’t fit into a standard truck trailer. You may haul equipment like forklifts, vehicles, and mobile homes. You may also haul supplies like lumber, pipes, steel, and much more. That being said, some people love to drive flatbeds, while others don’t. There are pros and cons of flatbed trucking, just like […]

Tips for Female Commercial Truck Drivers

Though most people think of overweight old men driving commercial trucks down the road, the truth is that men aren’t the only people behind the wheel. More and more women are joining this essential group of workers. It can be a great job for women who want to see more than just an office space. They want to get behind the wheel, and see where […]

Commercial Truck Drivers: Tips to Go Green

Many people are concerned about the environment, and they are working toward living a more green life. They want to avoid leaving waste, if they can help it. They recycle and buy smart. These people are dedicated to doing whatever they can to help the environment. They want to leave it a better place than it is now.  While truck drivers don’t seem to be […]

Must Have Supplies For Commercial Truck Drivers

As a commercial truck driver, you are going to be living and working in your truck. You are going to need to make sure that you have everything that you need for your trip (whether you are going for a day or two weeks). You can stop and get a few items as you need them, but it is much better to have most of […]

Commercial Drivers: Tips to Bring Your Dog Along

Many commercial truck drivers, especially those who spend a few days and weeks on the road, love to have a companion along with them. Most of the time, they can’t bring their spouse or even a friend, so they settle for the next best thing, a furry friend! That being said, not all dogs are suited for life on the road. You need to choose carefully, […]

Tips to Deal with Homesickness and Loneliness While on the Road

Commercial truck drivers can spend days and weeks on the road. Many remain single because it can be hard to have a relationship with someone who doesn’t deal with the same lifestyle as you do. However, there are many that have a good spouse at home. They may have a family at home that they are providing for, yet they have to spend all of that […]

Tips to Make Commercial Truck Team Driving Work

More and more truckers are looking into team driving. Not only can you get your cargo where it needs to go faster, you may also get more jobs because of it. Priority jobs are often given to team drivers because owners know that it will get where it needs to be quickly! Team driving is also great because you won’t get as lonely on the […]

Tips to Choose the Right Driver to Team Up With

Commercial truck team driving is becoming more and more popular with truckers. They can earn more money because they can spend more time on the road. If they are struggling to drive, they can take a quick break while their partner drives. They also have someone to talk to, so that they aren’t lonely.  All in all, it can be a great thing for many […]

Pros and Cons of Commercial Truck Team Driving

Though many people haven’t heard of the term team driving, the truth is that it can be a great thing for many over the road truck drivers. It means that two people take turns driving so that they can reach their destination faster. Many couples have taken to driving as a team so that they can spend more time together, but there are plenty of […]

Commercial Truck Tires: Signs You Need New Tires

There is nothing more important than your tires when you are driving a commercial truck and trailer. The better your tires are, the easier your trip will be. If your tires are getting older, you may experience vibrations and other uncomfortable conditions. You are also more likely to have a blow out, which could cause an accident. Because of this, it is important to know […]

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