How To Lower Cargo Insurance Prices

The trucking industry is always experiencing growth and improvement. The best way to make sure that this growth and improvement can continue is by having the proper insurance policies. Cargo insurance is one of the most common areas of concern. There is nothing wrong with wanting the lowest possible price on a cargo insurance policy. The following tips and pointers are here to serve as […]

Fleet Truck Insurance: Why The Lowest Price Isn’t Always the Best

If you own a fleet of trucks, you are going to have plenty of expenses. First, you actually have to buy the vehicles. Then, you have to worry about fuel and maintenance, which can be quite costly. However, you can’t forget about the insurance. This can be the biggest expense that you may have with your fleet. That being said, many people shop around until […]

3 Company Policy Precautions That Can Lower Your Tow Truck’s Insurance

If you want your drivers to operate with a greater focus on safety, you need to make the issue a matter of company policy. Here are three changes that can reduce your drivers’ accidents and risks: 1. Train your drivers how to inspect the equipment. Most companies specialize, even internally. As towing companies get larger, they’re subject to the same phenomena and that can be […]

How to Keep Your Employees Safe from Injury While Loading and Unloading

The dangers of being a semi-truck driver aren’t restricted to the road. If your driver is also responsible for getting the cargo in and out of the truck, or even just preparing the truck for unloading, then their risk of injury is high. A trend of injuries can make your company’s coverage policies skyrocket, so make sure you: 1. Equip every truck with the tools […]

3 Tips for Staying Safe on the Last Mile This Summer

‘Last mile shipping’ is a crucial talking point for distribution business and e-commerce centers. While giants like Amazon and major shipping companies have largely figured out how to speed up their general shipping routes, it’s the last mile or two that are tripping up efficiency. But when you’re in the driver’s seat, that last mile is more than a logistic crunch point. It’s where local […]

Autonomous Platooning: Is It Safer to Be an Early Adopter or to Wait?

Self-driving semi trucks are a hotly debated topic. One of the key considerations, if not the primary focus of debate, is the profitability. Autonomous trucks are expensive and they have a lot of room for improvement. But they will soon require less and less human oversight. Human drivers are expensive: not only do they require wages and health insurance, they can make costly mistakes after […]

Why You May Need Bobtail Insurance for Your Truck

According to the American Trucking Associations, 33.8 million trucks are registered and used for business purposes, not including government and farm trucks. If you drive an 18-wheeler for a living and sometimes drive without your trailer, you should consider bobtail insurance. Independent Operators If you work for yourself and take contract jobs to transport goods, check with the company to see if they will provide […]

Helpful Tips For Avoiding Crashes That Lead To Rising Rig Insurance Costs

Rig insurance costs are a common area of concern for truck drivers. The size of these vehicles can cause certain problems to occur and problems lead to accidents. When accidents take place, rig insurance costs rise significantly. The following guide will allow drivers to avoid crashes and to keep their rig insurance costs low. How Learning Your Rig Decreases Rig Insurance Costs The more familiarity […]

What Is Physical Damage Insurance And Why Is It Necessary?

Physical damage insurance is one of the more crucial aspects of rig insurance. Commercial truck drivers will need to make sure that they are fully covered. This is the best way to make sure that an investment remains protected at all times. This insurance is required for any driver who has decided to finance their own equipment. Even the most experienced truckers know that they […]

A How-To Guide For Keeping Fleet Truck Insurance Costs Low

When fleet managers are tasked with the responsibility of finding the right insurance policy, the process can be a challenging one. Knowing what to look for in a policy is important and so is knowing how to determine the proper cost. There are a number of ways to keep these costs down, however. Companies who make the following decisions are able to reduce fleet truck […]

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