Commercial Truck Insurance Tennessee

What Does Physical Damage Insurance Cover?

Trucking is expensive. Whether leased or purchased, trucks are major investment that needs to be protected. Because of this, insurance is essential. There are many forms of insurance that exist in the trucking world, but one of the most valuable and wide-sweeping is physical damage insurance. If you have financed your equipment, purchasing it is essential. Physical damage insurance is an umbrella term within the […]

Protect Your Fleet With Fleet Insurance

Insuring a fleet may seem like a breeze, but several factors will play a part in managing and obtaining fleet truck insurance. Creating an effective strategy for managing your fleet and your fleet truck insurance will ensure you remain compliant with the rules and regulations, and it will help you protect your finances and your assets. What is Fleet Truck Insurance? When we talk about […]

Troops to Truck Driving: How Veterans can Fast-Track their CDL

A number of Military Occupational Specialties (MOSs) require service members to drive heavy trucks. Despite their training and experience, transitioning military have previously had to jump through hoops in order to obtain a civilian CDL. That may no longer be the case, thanks to a new program from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Here is some more information, including who can qualify. Driving […]

Commercial Drivers and Owner Operators: Protect Yourself From Scams

There are numerous stories in the trucking industry that involve carriers believing they have transported a load they believed to be legitimate, but ultimately realized they were a target in a scam. Generally, a fraudster pinpoints truck drivers in various scams because of the large size of the truck and the numerous commercial truck insurance requirements. When the drivers realize they hauled a load they […]

Moving Commercial or Owner Operator Truck Insurance

Do you know what one of the main questions that was asked in 2019 about commercial auto insurance? The question was: “What is the best state for me to obtain insurance for my commercial or owner-operator truck?”  As often as that question was asked, there was never a simple answer. In 2019, there was an increase in the number of owner-operators who applied for and […]

Coronavirus vs. The Trucking Industry: What Is The Impact?

The fears that are currently associated with the pandemic known as COVID-19(Coronavirus) have made their way into nearly every industry, including the trucking industry. One of the main fears that many people have is contamination, but this deadly virus can have a significant impact on the commercial trucking industry. States are closely monitoring the spread of the virus and are releasing information on steps that […]

Tennessee Rig Insurance News: Recent Bridge Strikes Bring Attention to TN Drivers

Recent incidents of bridge strikes in Tennessee, like the January 7, 2020 event at I-24 / Moore Rd in Chattanooga, have caused increased attention towards TN area big rig drivers, flatbed drivers, and equipment movers as they move around the state.  As the second serious bridge strike in less than ten months, Tennessee highway patrol and the TN Department of Transportation are taking a close interest […]

Tennessee Rig Insurance News: TN Trucking Company Closes it’s Doors

J.E.B. Insurance provides rig insurance, fleet insurance and cargo insurance in Tennessee. We work closely with fleet managers, trucking companies and owner-operators. Our blog is a tool for our customers and other folks who need to be in-the-know about TN rig insurance topics. When we read that Tennessee-based refrigerated transport company closed it’s doors in January 2020, having been in business for nearly seventy years, we were shocked and wanted […]

New Venture Commercial or Owner Operator Truck Insurance Tennessee

Finding and securing the right commercial truck insurance in Tennessee for your business can be a new challenge. This challenge can be expanded if you are attempting to secure insurance for a new venture. The commercial trucking industry can be one of the most strained markets today. It is important that you have a new venture truck insurance policy.  A new venture trucking insurance policy […]

Tennessee Owner-Operators: Outlining Your Budget

One of the most common mistakes that owner-operators make is not preparing a budget for their trucking business. It is important that owner-operators outline a budget or projected cash flow, and it is also important that owner-operators consistently check the budget so any inconsistencies or errors will be caught early and adjusted in time. Unfortunately, some truck owners do not view budgeting or record keeping […]

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