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2 Moves That Impact Automated Platooning

Self-driving trucks have been creating a buzz in the industry for years. The big mystery isn’t if they’re going to start finding their way into every part of the supply chain. Instead, it was a question of how. Many experts predicted a gradual shift, especially in larger companies. Others suspected that warehouses and manufacturers would use smaller autonomous vehicles on-site only. Even more people predicted […]

3 Indirect Costs of Speeding Semi Trucks

Speeding happens. Whether your drivers are on a populated interstate with everyone flying past the speed limit or a long country road where it’s hard to tell by sight how fast someone’s driving, staying on the right side of the speed limit can be tricky. But speeding doesn’t just cost your company in potential driving violation fees. These three indirect costs can slow down your […]

What Are the 7 BASICs in Your CSA Score?

The safety percentile that your carrier company falls into matters. It can do everything from impact your insurance premiums to getting you flagged by the FMCSA. A bad ranking can impact your company’s growth and, even if it isn’t directly costly, the fees your company incurs from the safety violations can add up. So make sure every driver knows the seven types of safety problems, […]

Three Reasons to Keep an Eye on Your CSA Scores

There are a lot of details to running your own trucking company, no matter how big your fleet is. When you have to focus on deadlines, revenue, and tracking miles, sometimes the other numbers can fall by the wayside. But don’t lose track of your CSA score. The “score” is a percentile that groups your entity together with carriers that have a similar number of events […]

Tow Truck Insurance Market Will Remain Tight

Tow truck drivers operate in one of the most dangerous environments in the civilian world. They face accidents every day, often in some of the worst weather conditions. International Towing and Recovery Museum in Chattanooga, Tennessee claims that 50-100 tow truck drivers die on the job every year in the US. In April 2018, a tow truck driver in Virginia was almost killed when the vehicle he […]

Prepare for Brake Safety Week: September 16-22, 2018

The CVSA, or the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, puts a lot of emphasis on safety through equipment. They have special days and weeks through the year for a special emphasis on inspections, tire safety, and checking your lights and reflective taping. Be prepared for this year’s Brake Safety Week by checking your truck’s braking system ahead of time. What will happen during the CVSA’s Brake […]

How To Lower Cargo Insurance Prices

The trucking industry is always experiencing growth and improvement. The best way to make sure that this growth and improvement can continue is by having the proper insurance policies. Cargo insurance is one of the most common areas of concern. There is nothing wrong with wanting the lowest possible price on a cargo insurance policy. The following tips and pointers are here to serve as […]

Fleet Truck Insurance: Why The Lowest Price Isn’t Always the Best

If you own a fleet of trucks, you are going to have plenty of expenses. First, you actually have to buy the vehicles. Then, you have to worry about fuel and maintenance, which can be quite costly. However, you can’t forget about the insurance. This can be the biggest expense that you may have with your fleet. That being said, many people shop around until […]

3 Company Policy Precautions That Can Lower Your Tow Truck’s Insurance

If you want your drivers to operate with a greater focus on safety, you need to make the issue a matter of company policy. Here are three changes that can reduce your drivers’ accidents and risks: 1. Train your drivers how to inspect the equipment. Most companies specialize, even internally. As towing companies get larger, they’re subject to the same phenomena and that can be […]

How to Keep Your Employees Safe from Injury While Loading and Unloading

The dangers of being a semi-truck driver aren’t restricted to the road. If your driver is also responsible for getting the cargo in and out of the truck, or even just preparing the truck for unloading, then their risk of injury is high. A trend of injuries can make your company’s coverage policies skyrocket, so make sure you: 1. Equip every truck with the tools […]

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