Blind Spot Safety for the Commercial or Owner Operator Truck Driver in Georgia

For the commercial or owner operator trucker to be a safe driver, he must know the traffic situation around his vehicle at all times. This is a challenging task for the novice driver because of the large blind spots around the truck and trailer. He cannot rely on motorists to avoid these areas because they are generally unaware of the blind spots of any vehicle on the road.

The novice trucker must also understand that many of his car driving habits can get him into trouble if used while driving his rig. As providers of commercial or owner operator truck insurance in Georgia, we want to make sure that your time on the road is safe. Here are three blind spot safety tips:

Know Your Blind Spots

There are four zones where cars cannot be seen. One area is beneath the driver’s door and back for about a car length. Another is just in front of the truck and extends toward the right front tire. The third area is on the right side of the right adjacent lane and slightly behind the passenger door. The fourth blind spot is close behind the trailer’s rear.

Keep Your Eyes Moving

Make a habit of shifting your eyes back and forth between the road ahead and your mirrors. Make each mirror check brief to minimize the time not looking at the road in front of you. When you see a car that enters but doesn’t leave a blind spot, then you know he is still in it or has moved into an adjacent lane where you aren’t looking. With practice, you will always have an awareness of the traffic activity around your commercial or owner operator truck.

Change Lanes Slowly and Carefully

When you want to change lanes and know that the way is clear, signal, check the area in the mirror, and slowly move into the lane. Turn on the signal well in advance of your turn and take your time completing the lane change. Never allow deadlines and pressures of the job affect your lane changes.

Use these tips for safe operation of your commercial or owner operator truck. With practice they will become a habit. Constant scanning with the eyes not only gives you an awareness of your surroundings but is effective at staying alert on long rides. If you have questions or require commercial or owner operator truck insurance in Georgia, contact us.