Before You Purchase Log Haulers Insurance for Your Tennessee Operations

It is imperative that you are thorough in your investigation for the right type Commercial or Owner Operator Truck Insurance that Tennessee and other states require and is in your best interest.  Keep in mind how important the correct insurance can be to not only protect your investment in your rig but can also affect lives and the future of your business operations.  As with many other things you buy, make certain you obtain several quotes or shop around to find the best insurance at the best price.  Many things can affect the cost of insurance, however, choosing an experienced insurance professional can provide you the best type of coverage at a competitive price.

What Should Be Considered for Owner Operator Insurance?

As with most other types of vehicle insurance, it is critical to obtain Liability Insurance as well as Physical Damage coverage that will protect your truck should you become involved in an accident. Another thing to purchase is Motor Truck Cargo insurance, which will protect the logs, or cargo that you will be transporting with your vehicle.  As a log truck operator, it will often be required for you to have a financial responsibility filing in addition to your commercial or owner operator insurance.  An experienced agent can usually provide any state or federal filings for you.

Why Must I Get Special Log Truck Insurance?

The logging industry has special stipulations and rates for carrying this type of freight. In fact, it is considered one of the most dangerous type of freight to be hauled.  Depending upon the type of tree and length of the logs the weight being hauled could easily be over a ton.  With this type of load, the risks of tipping, causing injuries and property damage are much higher that loads transported in boxes or containers.   This is where the commercial owner operator truck insurance for log haulers covers the vehicle, the driver inside and other motorists that are involved. Therefore, this type of policy puts more emphasis on the liabilities of others for log hauling insurance.

In addition to the liability and physical damage coverage the log hauling truck insurance covers the equipment that you use to protect the load such as covers and tarps.  Another thing to consider would be rental reimbursement coverage.  This can assist you with rental costs or possibly even help locating a replacement vehicle if your truck would not be useable due to an accident.

If you are in the market for log haulers insurance for your owner operator insurance needs please contact us.