Advice to Commercial or Owner Operator Truck Drivers on Avoiding Traffic Jams

Traffic jams not only waste time and gas, they can take a lot out of you. However, there are a number of ways the commercial or owner operator truck driver can avoid traffic jams or at least keep their occurrence to a minimum. Some involve good old-fashioned planning while others make use of technology. Here are three suggestions:

Plan Better

Many traffic jams are predictable. Large highways and interstates that go through large cities are almost always congested during morning and evening commute hours. The shortest routes aren’t always the fastest ones if they take you through these areas at the wrong times. Either plan a route that completely avoids these areas or alter your transit time through them.

If it’s late enough in the day and you have no choice but to drive through a big metropolitan area, find a place to park your truck early for the evening. Get up early the following morning and drive through the city while most people are still in bed.

Use Truck GPS Navigation Apps to Find Alternate Routes

Truck GPS Route Navigation by Teletype is an app that provides truck specific route suggestions. It provides information on both permanent and temporary road restrictions and closures. You can use its up-to-the-minute traffic updates when planning your routes.

It also gives you the option of either a map view or a satellite view. The satellite view is particularly useful when looking for specific addresses. This app is hands free and uses voice commands for inputting information. The maps and routing information are updated by the hour and supported by feedback from over 100,000 users.

Use Radio Traffic Updates While Driving

This is an old low tech method that’s been used for decades but is still useful today. While not as fancy as the previous suggestion, it’s still better to get a heads up warning via the radio than finding out about traffic jams after driving into them.

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