Avoid Claims on Your South Carolina Commercial Truck Insurance When Making Right Turns

South Carolina commercial truck insurance claims often involve an accident that happens when making a right turn. These commonly occur because either the truck was too close to the curb and made the turn too soon, or was too far away from the right curb.

Turning too soon and too close to the right curb leaves the owner operator or commercial truck driver with too little room to clear the corner and the truck may strike objects such as a lamp-post.

When the truck driver leaves too much space, other vehicles often use the space to pass. This places the vehicle in the truck’s blind spot and a collision commonly results as the truck completes its right turn.

How the Commercial or Owner Operator Truck Driver Can Avoid Right Turn Accidents

There are two ways of making a right turn when your trailer is too long to clear the corner curb using just the right lane:

1.) Pull wide into the left lane before turning right. This causes traffic to enter your blind spot to pass on your right. Don’t count on people noticing your right turn signal because they either won’t see it or will try to rush through. Many trailers have “wide turn” warning signs on their back but even these often go unheeded. Pulling wide before starting the turn is not recommended.

2.) Stay in the right lane and delay your turn until your trailer’s rear wheels can clear the corner. This means you will complete your turn while in the left lane of the road you are turning into. Note that there must be empty space in the left lane for this because any cars in your way may not be able to clear out of the way. Before turning right, you should also angle to the left side of the right lane to ensure that your rear wheels clear the corner. This method prevents traffic from passing you on the right and allows you to see all vehicles in your path of travel. This is the preferred method of making a tight turn.

If you are a commercial truck driver in the state of South Carolina, having complete insurance coverage is important. Contact us at J.E.B. Insurance Services, LLC for more information. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.