5 apps every commercial truck driver should have

Being a commercial driver or owner operator is an exciting career that allows you to see all the wonders of our country. However, in today’s world the use of technology can simplify many aspects of your job. From helping you locate truck stops and restaurants to keeping your logs organized on your phone, there is an app to help with almost every aspect of your job. Here are the top 5 apps that will help make your travels a little bit easier.

#1-Trucker Path

Created in 2012, this app gives professional truckers information on weigh stations, directions to truck stops and will even tell you the location of low clearance bridges. Updated often by users, it gives reviews of stops and also has a trip planner that can help you find the fastest and easiest route to your destination.

#2-BigRoad Free Truck Driver Log Book

This app allows you to create a clean, compliant and fully editable log through the day. These can then be sent via the app to your fleet saving valuable time trying to find a fax machine. Also, using your chosen Hours of Service (HOS) rules it will automatically calculate available drive time.

#3-iExit Interstate Exit Guide

This app is pretty much explained in the title. It allows you to search upcoming exits to see what businesses, amenities, rest stops, etc. are located ahead. It will use your device’s location to determine where you are on the highway and then give you real time distances to the upcoming exits.

#4-Waze Social GPS, Maps & Traffic

This community driven app gives you real-time road information provided by the drivers around you. Users are able to comment on accidents, police traps and other hazards on the road. The app also gives rerouting based on the conditions of the roads. Also, it is a great way to find the lowest gas prices in the area!

#5-The Weather Channel

You can plan out your route perfectly, but if Mother Nature decides to not cooperate hours can be added on to a trip. This app will give you the most accurate weather details for areas you are currently in and also ones to which you are traveling. Also, it can be set up to give you push alerts for severe weather warnings in the area.

All 5 of these apps are designed to help make your job safer and easier. Make sure to check out your app store for other available options.


Safe Travels!!