3 Spring Cleaning Tasks That Can Help Your Commercial Trucking Insurance in Nebraska, Iowa & Illinois

April is well underway, and it’s time for spring cleaning. Start adding these three tasks into your schedule to make sure your commercial trucking company has a smooth transition into the summer months.

1. Clean off the winter chemicals.

Winter isn’t just hard on your drivers. It’s hard on the commercial trucks and trailers, too. Hundreds of miles of driving over industrial salts and snowmelt chemicals means those chemicals are ingrained into every surface of the trucks. Have the cars thoroughly cleaned to remove every trace. Given enough time, they can start to eat through thinning paint and plastic or rubber parts.

Not only will washing the cars keep them in better condition for longer, but it will also reduce the risk of a collision caused by malfunctioning or breaking parts.

2. Help newer drivers shift gears to summer driving.

If you have drivers on your team that have only had their CDLs for a year or two, they might have built up all the habits they need to quickly switch from winter to summer driving habits and back during the occasional spring ice storm. Make it a company policy to hold occasional seminars or send drivers reminders. Even just seeing a safety tip in the morning can make drivers safer than they would have been otherwise.

3. Take a new look at your insurance policy.

Dust off your company’s commercial truck insurance policy and go through all of the areas of coverage to make sure it’s still a good fit for your company. If you have more drivers or you’re specializing in different types of freight, it’s time to renegotiate your policy and make it align with your new focus. Even small changes to your company’s structure can give you access to a BOP, more efficient fleet insurance, and other changes that save you money and keep your drivers safe.

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David Ott

David Ott

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